He is one of the few heroes capable of defeating Dragon-level threats without having to break a sweat and has displayed immense physical strength, durability, endurance, speed, and precision surpassing that of other S-Class heroes like Atomic Samurai and Metal Bat. congratulation on becomin a superhero 1/9/16 EDIT: added more things. To date, he has yet to find a villain, hero, alien, or monster capable of fighting him as an equal. When it comes to power, popularity, and amazing fight scenes, Genos is one of the best heroes in the series. Since his first defeat against Saitama, Sonic underwent intense training in order to one day surpass him. Let’s examine his identity. He is currently studying journalism at Carleton University and seeks to further his career as a journalist, as well as hone his writing skills. Thus, he'll battle someone like the Deep Sea King and keep getting up until heroes like One Punch Man show up. S-Class rank is the highest in the Hero Association and comprises of the ones called upon when threat levels exceed or equal demon level. Lord Boros is the leader of the Dark Matter Thieves and is arguably the series’ strongest villain to date. Keep warm this winter season with the latest anime info at MANGA.TOKYO! However, there are several characters who have confirmed just how strong they can be. This sounds reasonable, save for the fact they need blood to satisfy their hunger. The seemingly ordinary and unimpressive Saitama has a rather unique hobby: being a hero. Although he is as intelligent as he is strong, Carnage Kabuto is mentally unstable and seeks only to destroy. His identity is currently unknown and it spurs all sorts of speculations. Wikis. Therefore, Blast cannot be Saitama. When drawing on his full strength, Boros can fire laser beams with enough power to decimate a planet. This encouraged her to become a superhero and she is now the Rank 2 hero in the S-class. Saitama is a bald, ordinary-looking man with a thin, but well-built physique, and is of average height and weight. As the sixth top-ranked hero, Metal Knight uses a variety of powerful robots to fight on is behalf and has the most firepower among the S-Class heroes. Agoni created the association after his grandson was saved from the monster Crablante by an unknown bystander (who turns out to be Saitam… As Viz Media's official English licensed release of the series continues in … Who is he? This sounds plausible too. The internet was devoid of the perfect factual anime tier list for One Punch Man's S-Class Heroes until now, ranked by... strongest? He has issues selling his worth and society in One-Punch Man is corrupt. Considering his age, this theory is quite plausible. In season 1, One-Punch Man introduced the concept of the Heroes Association - an organized company of crime-fighters ranked by power, who are sent to deal with missions suitable for their class. Vol. This villain is not only powerful but scary to look at. 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The first season of One-Punch Man introduced a slew of wild and wonderful heroes in a short space of time, so we've put together a list of the top ranked heroes. Lucky Seven: Ranked 7th in the S-Hero rankings and is a normal guy possessing borderline divine level of luck that permits him to save himself and others when the situation calls for it. RELATED: One-Punch Man: Saitama Enters the World of Martial Arts. 1 Depicts a Vibrant Past... and an Already-Dated Future? On top of her natural ability to lead others, Fubuki is a powerful esper. Looking for information on the anime One Punch Man? In this article, I’d like to talk about Blast, the top hero in the S-class, who is not revealed much in manga nor anime yet. 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