is Ma La Xiang Guo the same category as Ma La Gan Guo, or what is the difference? Add the hot pot sauce and doubanjiang. In a wok or saucepan, heat the vegetable oil on medium heat. Bring a pot of water to a rolling boil. ( Log Out /  Below is my easy recipe for cooking this dish. There are many ways malaxiangguo can be flavored: mild or spicy, subtly fragrant to pungent, etc. Other blogger recipes for mala xiang guo, which this dish is often called and which people seem to agree is a type of gan guo—a more complex and hedonistic version—start with … And it’s true, I do like almost every food that I’ve tried (except maybe durian because huuuurrl, it smells like rotten feet + garlic). Prep time: 40 min. Might I also recommend lots and lots of napkins while eating this dish? Add in Chinese cabbage and vermicelli. Chinese. It’s kind of like a Sichuan-style spicy and numbing dry hot pot, in which you are free to choose any veggies, meats, and noodles you want in it. Mala Xiang Guo. It’s not hard to understand why – this sumptuous dish is feisty and super addictive! ( Log Out /  Mix evenly. The classic Mala Xiang Guo deserves all the love, and so do our classic dishes with a mala twist. You pay based on how much the raw ingredients weigh, often non-meats separately from meats. Recipe below. A couple years ago now during my first week in Shanghai, my then Chinese roommate took me to the school cafeteria, which was supposedly rated #4 in the nation for school cafeteria food. Until somewhat recently, I would always say something like, “uhhh, I like steak!” And then secretly think to myself Alice… you demolish buffets and leave no food untouched, YOU LIKE EVERYTHING. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. In a pot, heat 200 ml vegetable oil on a medium heat. 3. LOL) Go try it at GRUB Bishan Park, and let me know – great place to hang out with family and friends by the way to enjoy the nature. Now, you are finally ready to make Mala Xiang Guo. The main ingredients can be any meat, seafood, poultry and none-green vegetables, simply precooked by either blanching in simple broth or quickly stir-frying, and then stirred all together with variety of mala seasonings. Add the potatoes and lotus root and cook for 1 minute until crisp but slightly cooked. Immediately immerse in ice water until cooled, then drain. Mala Xiang Guo – 麻辣香锅. I’m not Chinese by descent (unless you count the migration from China to Korea a gazillion years ago), and am absolutely not an expert in Chinese cuisine. Thanks so much for publishing the recipe and for all your recipes really. The ones I used were hydrated, thus no need for soaking. It blends numbing, spicy and dry fragrant tastes in one palate-pleasing shot. 4. Other Popular Results; Ma la Xiang guo. I list each ingredient in exact quantities just for the sake of completeness, but I usually throw in a handful of whatever I feel like and add a generous dollop of the seasoning sauce. Ma La Xiang Guo Sauce. It doesn’t have hundreds of years of history, but I can tell you, this dish is a legend in the making. Add the leek, garlic, and ginger and saute for 1-2 minutes until fragrant but not brown. I just had some for dinner, and if I may toot my own horn it was AMAZING. Join the discussion today. Sichuan peppercorn There is no difference in the food … Like Jeffrey, Mr Liu shares that his ma la xiang guo recipe has gone through “many rounds of stringent food tasting to ensure quality”. But not too much . Umami, creamy soft shell crab laced with hints of spice, addictive spicy hot bursting meat balls - this is the mala zone and we have to warn you when we say you can't get enough of it. It originated in Chongqing, and has become one of king dishes for both group dining and home cooking all across Sichuan and Chongqing. 2 cups lotus root, peeled and thinly sliced. ( Log Out /  In a wok or saucepan, heat the vegetable oil on medium heat. Add ginger, garlic, onion, dried chilli, spring onion, chinese parsley, bird eye chilli, stir and cook for a few minutes ; 2 Over medium high fire, cook sliced pork, when its almost cooked, mix lotus roots, celery, cabbage, beancurd stick, oyster mushrooms, black fungus, quickly fry for 3-5 minutes. No specific reason. Let it get brown and crispy. Return mid-wings and potatoes to the wok. Bring a wok or large frying pan to high heat (*very important that the pan be very hot). The stir-fry station included everything from dried tofu strands to imitation crab meat, kind of like this: I pointed at whichever ingredient I wanted, due to my limited Mandarin skills (they don’t teach you how to say 10,000 different vegetables, ok) and would hope that the chef would grab the right ingredients. You can get the paste in City Mart. Vegetables –> You can add any vegetables you like . Spoon in the red chili oil which has separated from the Jiang, and add the beef. Separately blanch vermicelli, sliced potato and lotus roots in boiling water for 2-4 minutes, set aside. Now fans of mala tang would find this rather different from other mala tang recipes here. But I can promise you that the flavor you get in return will be very much worth it! 1 Heat 1 tbsp of oil in a wok, saute szechuan pepper till fragrant. Add in sugar and salt to taste. Stir to combine, and cook a couple minutes more until the noodles are well-hydrated. In goes the oil—a mixture of vegetable oil and beef fat—followed closely by dried chillies, salt, and the all-important, game-changing Mala Sauce, a secret blend of twenty to thirty herbs and spices. Seafood Mala Xiang Guo. provides definitive recipes and innovative guides to essential authentic Sichuan food and Chinese cooking. My recipe is on the strongly seasoned and medium-spicy side with a hint of fragrance. Serve with lots of steamed white rice and perhaps a neutral-tasting soup! So the Mala Xiang Guo Burger has made its debut, available as a set with fries at $16.80 (No, I don’t earn commission from it. Mala Recipes for Anytime of The Day. Great recipe for Mala Xiang Guo. The dried chili peppers can be very spicy Thai or Xiaomila peppers, mild spicy facing-heaven, none-spicy bell peppers, or are omitted at all. Add ground dried chilies, … This recipe is detailed in several optional steps to guarantee success on your own preference. 1/2 cup whole dried red peppers (for added spice. For one, it is much cheaper compared to meat and secondly, ma la xiang guo stalls often offer a wide range of delicious vegetable options of which portion sizes are larger. huang cheng lao ma. Spicy food lovers are going to rejoice when they taste this dish! Wan Xin Mala Xiang Guo Cassilda Lee A sucker for any kind of dessert and always thinking about where to go for her next meal, Cassilda’s favourite pastime is looking at … Just be careful not to overcook the vegetables, as they should have a bit of crisp to them. Add in Ma La Xiang Guo chilli paste and fry over medium low heat for 1 min. Easily recreate your favourite mala stir dry dish with all your favourite ingredients. Mala Xiang Guo. Method Heat 1 tbsp of oil in a wok, saute szechuan pepper till fragrant. Simmer while stirring for a few minutes until the oil separates from the rest of the sauce. Bookmark the permalink. While staying in China, it was, besides Hot Pot, my favourite dish. Discover why! Copyright © 2021 MalaFood. MUA. In true malaxiangguo spirit, you can add/substitute any ingredient you like. Dry pot (gan guo or mala xiang guo) is exactly what it sounds like—the dry version of hot pot. Add a splash of water, as well as a good dollop of the Jiang (taste as you go, but I like to put 1 heaping tablespoon per portion). Xiao Mu Deng Hotpot. Posted on October 28, 2018 October 28, 2018 by lemongrassjellydreams This entry was posted in foodialogues, recipes, singapore and tagged chinese food, cooking for dummies, easy recipes, 麻辣, 麻辣香锅, ma la, ma la xiang guo, mala, malaxiangguo, recipes, sichuan, spicy, szechuan. Opened last October, this is the latest secret hangout for the Chinese … There are defineally lots of Mala fans out there, so we decide to come up with our version of Mala Xiang Guo. My favorites were the jelly-like glass noodles, thinly sliced beef, lotus, enoki mushrooms, and cabbage. I’ve made this quite a few times at home, and at least based on my taste buds, which you should totally trust by the way, it is pretty similar to the ones I had in the college cafeteria. Join the discussion today. We can make it exist. All rights reserved. Dry glass noodles need soaking, in which case soak in cold water for 1 hour to overnight. Mala Xiang Guo is essentially a stir-fried Sichuan hotpot of multiple ingredients cooked twice, with strong complex mala flavors. Add ginger, garlic, onion, dried chilli, spring onion, chinese parsley, bird eye chilli, stir and cook for a few minutes. *, Ah, just writing about this brings back memories…. is the right place to learn, discover and share them. Post navigation Heat 2 tbsp of oil in a wok, fry grounded dried chili till oil changed to red oil. Main –> Mala Xiang Guo Paste . It is that good. Xiao Longkan. How many of you actually know what to say when someone asks you what your favorite food is? The group of Spices for Oil can be adjusted on your own preference. BUT, I did study abroad in Shanghai for a semester in college, which is when I first encountered this magical pot of spicy goodness. Despite being passionate meat lovers, ma la xiang guo is possibly the only exception we will ever make to go hard on the veggies instead of the meat. Change ), Levain Bakery in NYC + Brown Butter Coconut Cookies, Southeast Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore), Exploring Cuisines: Cooking Recipes from Around the World. Read the mala xiangguo recipe discussion from the Chowhound Home Cooking food community. Add in mushroom, lotus roots, fried beanstick, black fungus and onion and mix evenly. Why is your blog called that? Add all the vegetables you’re using plus the noodles and fry until everything is coated with the oil, about 1 minute. Sichuan hotpot sauce can be found easily anywhere today. Below are the type of noodles I used. Drain off all the water from the boiled ingredients and place all the ingredients to the frying pan with the cabbages. Waitrose spicy Chinese vegetable stir fry. Thanks for reading, I hope to bring more recipes and restaurants to you soon. The name comes from the Chinese character 麻辣for numbing (ma) and spicy (la). ( Log Out /  Despite that, there is ONE dish that stirs up such a unique sense of nostalgia and makes me craaaave it no matter how many times I’ve eaten it. Read the mala xiangguo recipe discussion from the Chowhound Home Cooking food community. Make chili oil. When you first taste Mala… Sooo, I wouldn’t say malaxiangguo is the easiest recipe ever because it does require lots of prep time with making the sauce and blanching the veggies. Separate the enoki into strands and chop the greens into 4-inch pieces. 2. Blanch prawns in boiling water for 20 seconds, set aside. The red pepper-infused oil would coat your tongue and lips and introduce a steady and warming heat, the black bean sauce would offer salinity and depth, and the various Chinese spices like Sichuan peppercorn would add a complex yet addicting fragrance. Will you try it out and join the malaxiangguo fan club with me? Many places simply add water or stock to mala xiang guo, to … Is there a reason you are using the green Sichuan pepper corns rather than the red ones? Delicious and most recommended brands are in chinese logo with Xiang Guo pic . Let me know if you give it a try!!! You may need to add more water if the pan looks too dry. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Home > Recipes > Cuisine > Chinese > Mala Xiang Guo – 麻辣香锅. Who’s Little Chef? I just used what I have in hand. If you can’t find them, try thick mung bean vermicelli or even instant ramen noodles. Add orange peel, peppers (if using), rice wine, sugar and stir. The traditional Mala Xiang Guo is featuring numbing, spicy, delicious, appetising and mixed. Add the hot pot sauce and doubanjiang. What makes this truly addictive are the cilantro and peanuts on top (don’t omit those!!). Below is a picture of one of the many times I had this in that cafeteria: It’s usually served with steamed white rice and plain/brothy soup to mitigate the spice, thank goodness. I’ve cooked the Yu Xiang … Originally a dish from Sichuan and Chongqing, Mala Xiang Guo (麻辣香锅) has grown to become one of Singapore’s most popular food. They can be omitted at all, especially when an instant Mala Xiangguo sauce is used directly. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Sandwich biscuits. ma la xiang guo paste . With this amazing freedom to personalize also would come aggressive waves of flavor. It’s so popular in China … Pour in 120ml water. Double check the paste for who doesn’t like numb taste before buying . Sauté ginger, … Stir fry. There is a reason why this dish's flavor, spice, and aroma have taken China by storm. I usually don’t cook the same thing multiple times within a few months, EXCEPT for this. Makes 6 servings, or 4 Alice-sized servings. Cooking time: 15 min. Oct 6, 2016 - An on-going compilation of ingredients for mala xiang guo (spicy numbing stir-fry). Mala is the short name for Chinese Spicy Hot Pot. Add orange peel, peppers (if using), rice wine, sugar and stir. Ma la xiang guo (麻辣香锅) is definitely a “newer” dish. Get a Sleek Glass Electric Tea Kettle for Just $25. Since 2019, Mala dishes have become the new “it” food in Korea. Add the leek, garlic, and ginger and saute for 1-2 minutes until fragrant but not brown. I sometimes like to add rice cake or even spam into the stir-fry. Sichuan food is renowned for its rich flavors of over 30 types and owed to the liberal use of bold and pungent ingredients in over 50 different ways of cooking. *I am aware malaxiangguo is not Shanghainese food, but it was the first place I’ve eaten the dish. And while I’ve had this dish many times both in China and the US, something about the simplicity of the school cafeteria’s version remains special to me. But back to Europe it is nearly impossible to find – so I’m still searching for proper recipes to prepare Ma La Xiang Guo without artifical pastes. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Recipes & Inspiration.