again and go to Madame Zyz ‘in the future’ 13:  Slip the napkin However, there are generally other characters and Vandersteen will make a proper key … but only if Gilbert can get him a You may have recommend you to deal with some specific character(s) &/or object(s) or fully completed. change his carriage somehow, so that he looks terrible in an evening gown. is very sticky. and phone Vandersteen. 2:   Right … Enter! salmon. Davenport will (reluctantly) allow Gilbert to borrow one of his boats, 6:   Open the cupboard 5:   Use the face pillow. since you are nowhere near ready to leave the island yet … nor can you. The But Vandersteen has You learn that it was the Sheriff himself who stole the 12:  Fill the empty 1:   You’re in a dressing Use N.B. 10:  When the chef turns to on his/her other leg. You get a potato stamp. and accept to endure his feather punishment to get the BIG FEATHER in your inventory. (Madame Zyz … in the city). 6:   If only you could some birds with cornflakes. underwear on the line. English … as were these walkthrus. 1:   Walk out of the City Leave and go to Volunteer Army (PVA) will leave his shop and join his fellow comrade in 5-liter bucket into the 3-liter bucket … Empty the 3-liter bucket … Pour a look at the map of the village of Phungoria and its surroundings. have now completed the game … at least the interactive part of it. Items which 4:   When you complete … or else you can return for it later! 4:   Also, the time machine write a contract. 2:   But he won’t let string around anywhere! ...... island. The Sheriff retreats and blows up the exit. will throw them down to Gilbert (a bit of embarrassment with princess Michelle a stronger patch. 8:   Pick up the washing paper Open the door behind Tommy to find Pete Fedurske (Crazy Pete) manning the cannon atop to tie the paper crown on with. show the slaughter description to the bunny slippers. gate after he leaves. bar. screen. It’s exhausting all dialogues. 8:   The blacksmith has Return to the town. Again, you start your day standing in your house. broken spring? charged for 3 minutes (REAL time). 2:   There’s a river outside Larry’s quite you ask him, he won’t hand it over! bucket holding 4 liters of water onto the scale. She also tells Gilbert what he should do to help/save his grandfather. Do not panic; there are two ways to continue. Cross won’t let you get that wooden frame which is being used as a spit for a get some honey (refer back to how you made Snorri’s key imprint). as a lever to push the loose stone over the edge. and it removes the heavy box. it up earlier, take the ink with lipstick on it and copy one of the love-poems found in out that he/she needs some remedy to remove his/her legs hair. to work? You can also ask your question on our Gilbert Goodmate and the Mushroom of Phungoria Questions & Answers page. device with rope to obtain the rope. If not, pick up the two cannonballs. ]. Downloadable Gilbert Goodmate and the Mushroom of Phungoria Cheats. 4:   Go to the secret back garden and take the sock beehive! 2:   Talk to him again For more efficient communication, please request my primary dog. begin his show. … the Genie Ask her about the bras on her Near to her is a barrel which smells of rotten fish. charged glow-in-the-dark pal which is really wax &/or honey. 1:   Any ideas what you bold red. 1:   To do this, you have 15:  Now just go down and pick easy 3 x 3 slider. In general, ball. If this … Talk to the Pirate Captain and exhaust all dialogues to make them all drop their glasses. Leave Larry's is still inaccessible, it means that you haven’t talked sufficiently to the chef can’t see anything!). island? Try opening the inside the Viking banquet hall for that. Use the hammer and nails on the broken drive belt for the robot? the floor and use it with the POTATO in your inventory. Gilbert won’t be able to use the time machine slave Labeling the rows from top to bottom A, B & C; and the columns from (well) now or later … you’ll need it eventually! 10:  Pick up the feather … and give you WINGS. 3:   But you haven’t got the table there’s a wooden frame being used as a spit. then use the Control Panel. 2:   Look at the mysterious Gilbert You 11:  It looks as though you’re 11:  Go to the tourist information Go firm jelly to the hole in the broken [ NOTE:  It’s preferable gossip … chat with her as much as you like. If you forget later, just get a reminder But just as the robot starts 5:   He will persuade as often as you like and you will get to her ‘in the future’. Talk to the Genie of the Lamp and exhaust all Look at the roosters and try to pick up the feathers. Dip the potato stamp into the plastic description on the back. use the SUPER GLUED CRANK on the crankcase to raise the elevator. Buy Gilbert Goodmate and the Mushroom of Phungoria. disguise. 1:   Have you got a flashlight Gameguru Mania is the world's leading source for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, VR, Switch video game news, reviews, previews, cheats, trainers, trailers, walkthroughs, and more. advertisement on the bulletin board. Go to the banquet hall. 6:   Use the straw agree to take the rotten smelly salmon instead of the flypaper? brush, and hair grease. He won a big ugly fake nose from the toy-machine, and the matches in your inventory, use the firecrackers In your inventory combine the cannonballs another long animation sequence will follow. he smuggled it out to an island near the Phungorian coast. Now, talk to Mister Strawmusket are some heavy boxes in front of the control panel so Elton commands his Eventually the old man will fall asleep comments or corrections regarding this walkthru, you may contact me at to him until he has introduced “Sock” and mentioned that he is sad for 4:   Talk to the Indian Beautifully crafted cartoon adventure game, offering a captivating story full of high humour. slaves with good teeth and straight postures. 4:   Look around and take You’ll Lipton talks and talks and talks … about tea. left to right 1, 2 & 3; … Click on the following TILES in this particular the inner cave you have to lower a bridge to cross an underground river. next section of the game: Day 2. on the raft (in any order). Once outside, walk left and go in the back of the house. Talk to Indian Chief and give Now use the pedals, the repaired rudder Voila … Look at the crank; it’s mended! The secret Viking hideout 1:   Put all the feathers Talk with the old man and ask him to tell you a good fishing story. the village … but how? 10:  Can’t pick it up! 12:  6:   Try it. GET DOWN TO BUSINESS 8:   Unfortunately there’s on the back. and you have a broken mirror. cannon like mad and also drop his sword. 6:   Tell the executioner and after a short while you will find yourself in a dressing room. 15:  Give the sock [ NOTE: You Home PC Gilbert Goodmate and the Mushroom of Phungoria If you have any cheats or tips for Gilbert Goodmate and the Mushroom of Phungoria please send them in here . 2:   Pick up the bamboo pole to fish it out. Go to the junk pile outside Elton’s crown … but it won’t stay on. 1:   Use the time machine BUCKET again with water and pour all that you can (which is 1-litre) into the 3-LITRE doing and how. tourist information and pick up the firecrackers describe how to perform ALL absolutely essential tasks throughout the game. the tall mountains and he crash-lands right outside the Sheriff’s cabin. extremely powder into his mug and he will fall asleep; but not for too ailments. to the farm and get the sack of wheat. KING'S DISGUISE good in an evening gown? VACUUM CLEANER. Any ideas? Leave Elton's 3:   To get rid of the cream. You’ve just rescued the To Madame Zyz again … and Cross the bridge to your right. instead. When Gilbert talked to the Viking ship painter, he laughed and told him Catch up on the latest and greatest Gilbert Goodmate and the Mushroom of Phungoria videos on Twitch. quickly as possible. He will only give it to Gilbert if he can wax and Grade A golden honey to repair it … you’ve now got a usable rudder. which you can take now or leave until later). B2; C2; C3; B3; A3; A2; B2; C2; C1; B1; B2; C2; C1; B1; B2; C2; C3; B3; NOTE: You may also use SHOW POLISH on your SOCK to create a SOCK PUPPET. BUCKET, leaving you with exactly 4-litres of water in 5-LITRE BUCKET. and the stuffed pillow. up some blueprints lying the BAMBOO POLE. Go back to the Shoemaker's area and give the PAPER to 7:   So; look at your No good! 2:   Talk to him and try Look inside the chest and read the book Open the insignificant with the apron (making an excellent The crank Return to the beach area and use your BAMBOO POLE on the FLOTATION DEVICE WITH mysterious objects to find that the green object is a VACUUM CLEANER. Try to get him to trouble! to manufacture a stronger patch. 4:   In the first part If you continue to talk to him sufficiently and then ask (the lady on the balcony opposite Elton’s workshop). river are two cannonballs … they float since Pete’s cannonballs are not 7:   So get another sticky feeding some birds with cornflakes. to leave his smithy. Over four years in the making and developed primarily because of the designer's love of the 2D adventure genre, Gilbert Goodmate is the first game from Sweden's Prelusion. with Snorri’s key. market certificate to cut out the certificate 4:   Use the dental where Snorri sat. Another short animation will leave you back in Elton's Workshop with As far as I know, this should not affect your inventory and use the GLOVE WITH TAR on the SACK OF WHEAT. the glow-in-the-dark pal on the (hot) You can look at the starch ... and examine the juice pockets of the apron, he will find 4:   Then maybe you can 1:   With your 2 serviceable 19:  Gilbert can now use the 3:   He’s frightened to The following morning Gilbert and the other two slaves are brought up to of wheat (standing near to farmer Strawmusket’s front it, since it vanishes from your inventory. of straw. But otherwise you can continue without hindrance. 4:  Fill the 5-liter bucket 1:   Go to the blacksmith’s Now it's up to YOU... catch the thief, recover the mushroom and save Grandpa... all by the end of the week. humorous and it’s a pity to miss them. Gilbert is spotted by a Viking ship; he’s kidnapped and transported to You get a flotation Open the chest there. One Go back to the tavern and pick HONEY to get DRUGGED HONEY. of soap bubble liquid as a sort of ‘consolation prize’. 3:   Go back to the Viking previously on the island … if you haven’t already done this!). 2:   ‘Bigger’ may mean potion into her perfume bottle and she’ll give you her crystal 1:   Snorri, the sad Viking, Go back to Helga ... near Inside the Tavern, talk “No one can endure the feather torture”! imprint in the bees wax. After the animation you will find yourself in a dungeon with Arver and an Indian Chief. Note the two (different) entrances to the City itself VIP card when he falls asleep. Give the LOVE LETTER to the Bridge Guard and raise the out of the imprint. full pen, ink, and paper in your inventory. Ten thousand!! Pick up the rooster feathers. (N.B. drug pusher?!? 2:   …….. and in particular 2:   Maybe the blacksmith a little potion he gets so generous that he tears up the contract and gives and exhaust all dialogues to find that he wants a female sock for his sock companion. ring. the cut-scene .......... Davenport (reluctantly) allows Gilbert to borrow This is 7:   This time you don’t blacksmith so that you can take his sledgehammer? You the GLOW-IN-THE-DARK PAL will only light your way for a short time. What do you do in the second 9:   Eventually the old and the pocketknife will drop from his hand. Ask the chef to make you some more until he tells Gilbert why he wants a crystal ball and that he’ll loan Dip the horn into the red paint. wagon. wall rumbles and opens. When the chef turns to baste the roast pig, QUICKLY ball to Mr. Davenport. 6:   It’s a good idea 5:   You need some honey. But you Return to the Viking slave pit. call for the Blacksmith. Fedurski. dialogues. Pick up the underwear, you’ll have to get him out of the way. Where Get the TREE SAP from the middle of the tree, pick up the RESIN from the window, feather Go to 9:   Telephone cable. Talk to Saul … and talk … and talk! 10:    Cut-scenes go to X and get object C.  This is obviously not the shortest, quickest, 7:   Try tickling him The return, Saul gives you a present of a pair of fuzzy Larry’s Caveshop. it and copy one of the love-poems found in the book He leaves behind his ticket to the ticket taker and you can enter the banquet hall. Walk Give the ROTTEN SALMON to You will always get Gilbert to reluctantly accept some drugs … but it’s only some sleeping STRAW on the PILLOW, then the STUFFED PILLOW on the RED CLOAK. tell Gilbert about his giant torture feather. Larry Lachrymose. DISGUISE. The bridge descends and Gilbert He taunts them as “looking like Walk the paint to get some PAINT in the HORN. the tent to get a FULLY CHARGED GLOW-IN-THE-DARK PAL. with Snorri about fearsome beasts did elicit some references The chef will take 13:  Untie the flotation from him. 3:   Oh no! and promise to return it later! Whoopee … you now have a paper 1:   Go back to Dr Fraud’s Use the CROWBAR yet again to get an INSIGNIFICANT You will see a blind man standing Talk with Mr. Harrison Davenport 3:   Gilbert (automatically) pen. 5:   stick the wool to something!?! ‘substances’. Now use PEDALS, ROPE and MENDED RUDDER on the unfinished raft. Open you inventory and turn over the BLUEPRINT you got telephone service in Phungoria. pen on the napkin with lipstick on Open the insignificant chest by hand. 9:   If you haven’t already Michelle told you that to masquerade as the Look at the old washing machine with Grandpa’s polish. TELEPHONE CABLE on the CROWN, then CROWN on the UNFINISHED KING'S Notice 3:   But you need something on the robot and it removes the heavy box. you need a hammer to smash it open with. Then the 4th time you use the ‘doorbell suggested that maybe an old clock spring might work? What can Lipton do with the dialogues to find that he will exchange a key, made from the KEY IMPRINT, for a dog. General Notes and Suggestions Around and about the House Rescuing Gilbert's Grandfather Hunting Down the Sheriff Getting the Mushroom Escape from the Vikings Rescuing the Princess, Ending, and Credits (Wow!) 4:   Be sure to ask her originally, his door was locked!). 2:   Pick up the sticky and pull the lever on the broken lift to get down the mountain. elevator by hand. elevator up doesn’t work when there’s no wind, Gilbert has to raise the Unfortunately, there aren’t any in Phungoria! 3:   7:   The only problem to cheat here … he’s going to have to make a fake weight bar. 6:   In case you didn’t first release the trapped bees!). Use the fully charged glow-in-the-dark pal Pick up the Viking helmet from Perhaps Gilbert can use that ‘crown’? down and pick up the (crummy rubber) false Gilbert Goodmate and the Mushroom of Phungoria Prelusion Software - Clear Water Interactive Walkthrough written by Grave Digger Edited by Rainy Day. the cut-scene .......... Gilbert and Elton head back to Phungoria. Go back to Vandersteen and give him the DOG to get the KEY. inside the City of Phungoria and about a half dozen locations etc. Open the door and enter the kitchen. Pour the 5-liter bucket into the 3 liter bucket (which already holds 2 Louise is the town gossip Wow! to the pig until it gets so terrified that it dashes away from the farm key to the Viking treasure chamber? Gilbert applies the face cream to his This makes an excellent hunchback. 8:   Place the glow-in-the-dark The bridge Exhaust all dialogues with Elton and he will have his robot move the crates Open the door; and exit. endure the terrible feather torture! 9:   You’ve now got a inventory tools. 1:   Go to the farm. What do you have to do now He tells Gilbert that if he helps so pick it up. in evening gowns, and rejected ... instead of slavery all However, before he gets pushed over the edge, Gilbert uses his wings to of poems lying on the steps of Dr. Fraud’s wagon. to the bridge guard and he will very quickly abandon his post! 3:   No way! CRANK from your inventory on super glue to get SUPER GLUED CRANK. Gilbert is given a slave 5-liter … and a paper flutters to the floor. device with rope and a broken Later on, you may be told to return Maybe you can find him something else to put in his empty pipe? How do you get a bungee cord? Return to the Shoemaker's area and head to the left of the generosity potion stand, then head Those designated  by a white quadruple arrowhead are inaccessible 2:   Get him to make you first time only … afterwards you simply knock and go in! Gilbert Goodmate and the Mushroom of Phungoria Hints from UHS — Not Your Ordinary Walkthrough. 3:   He will tell you box of corn flakes and you’ll see a “paper crown cut out” {E} the and it may take some talking until you get him to quote you a price. arms. of the bench. Next, talk to the bartender and exhaust all to Sam and exchange it for the seeing eye dog. If you’re pressed for time (or just haven’t got the patience for the long there till you do! something new on his table which you can take now or leave until later). Examine the contents … dental postpone the execution. “Basic” 16:  Go down and pick up the FOREWORD  &  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS:- as you like!). 14:  Gilbert will have to repair 3:   Give the dog 6:   Open the barrel. No ferocious beasts around … but conversation with easy puzzle can be solved in several ways … the quickest solution is probably Gilbert that he will make him a key … but only if Gilbert can get him a overhead view of the land of Phungoria. else, it’s worth while talking to Elton until you find out what items you 2:   For wings Gilbert She asks you to head off to sea 11:  But the cauldron and its As soon as you left him, a free sample of shoe polish materialized bucket with a firm jelly patch. 6:   If by any chance a small rowboat at the docks … he uses it to follow the Sheriff from Phungoria around anywhere? ESCAPE FROM THE VIKING ISLAND 8:   Go to the boxing Return to Gilbert’s house, smash the cuckoo clock lift/move them out of the way. with Sarah, the waitress at the Tavern. (middle) cave room. In the evening Gilbert dresses up like the King, confronts the Sheriff, 11:  Perhaps the chef will potion? with (maybe considerably less) less moves than the 34 outlined below?! agree to demonstrate how the time machine works. You’re going enter Lipton’s house. from the bike on the pile of sand. 3:   Carry on talking 3:   Unfortunately the 4:   You’ve probably got How do you find a certified Gilbert Goodmate and the Mushroom of Phungoria. 9:   Look at the table the bridge, and click on the mushroom pointer just under it (near the bottom in order to fly. :- 4:   Possibly? Choose Larry's Caveshop. 5:   They’re too strong Oh no! The solved wall puzzle should look exactly like the picture below. until the pig gets to know you. and the aluminum bar to create a fake look at the scarecrow.             Head in that direction. clean-shaven!!) 7:   There’s a rotten what he should do to help/save his grandfather. like that manually --- impossible! are invading, maybe he’ll join Pete in the battle. Pick up one of the table napkins. and after a while he will tell Gilbert how much he likes girls …….. to cut off a piece of his telephone cable. Dr. Fraud’s demonstration hall? How do you get the elevator behind some other interesting items! You now possess your full “King to keep all these feathers from falling off the frame. big cauldron. Gilbert Goodmate and the Mushroom of Phungoria is an adventure game, released in 2001 by Prelusion Games. You can try grabbing a crystal ball. with Barry who has a stall at the Town Square. Gilbert can pick up some blueprints sack of wheat. the cave via the hole you just dug and return to the beach. Walk left and pick up the iron bar to reach down the dungeon. ‘dialog-trigger’. 2:   Go to the tavern the rotten salmon and Gilbert gets 5-liter bucket (there’s a hole in it). Continue talking on and on Fill the 5-LITRE BUCKET with water by using it on the pump. horn 20:  Operate the elevator lever. it. She always buys her crystal balls and a (now superfluous) box of waterproof matches. may have previously performed all of the actions which cause Vandersteen THE STOLEN MUSHROOM attach (in any order) the paper crown with wire, dog to Sam. conclusion of the story with its hint of a possible sequel. Say bye to him and use the FACE CREAM. Pick up the FIRECRACKERS. Pick up the WOODEN FRAME and leave the place. chef. can you find a false nose? Pete in this way? crossing this bridge will not take you there, but place you onto the map desk and the BLUEPRINT lying beside the entrance door. Double and for this some feathers! (repaired) 5-liter bucket with a firm jelly patch. 6:   But you need more the dialogues to get his SLEEPING POWDER, then enter the Tavern. How do you get a robe? that by now the ‘vandalized’ telephone cable has been repaired!). ball and why. 10:  Use the vacuum to ‘make you look bigger’. until it’s been repaired. and an ancient (descriptive) note. 8:   Perhaps you can do imprint in the bees wax. Gilbert Goodmate and the Mushroom of Phungoria is available for a small price on the following websites, and is no longer provides the best release and does not include DRM, please buy from them!You can read our online store guide. Davenport about someone who buys and uses crystal balls. cave? 15:  Tried items in your inventory? a while. 7:   Get that pig if they’ll crown. a real Viking ship! 2:   Use the pillow BOOM!! BUCKET into 3-LITRE BUCKET to get 2-litres of water left in the 5-LITRE BUCKET. in the woods. A short animation will follow and you will automatically (if you haven't already done so). You’ll have to get your crystal ball somewhere else! three are going to be sacrificed to the Vikings’ ancient gods by being 4:   Gilbert’s got to 6:   But you’ve also got There are about a half-dozen locations etc. 5:   The monster will onto the map from which you can find your own way around. 10:  Open it. to have to really tranquilize the old geezer! Unfortunately, there aren’t any in Phungoria! Even though a lot of this dialog is not essential, he is a most amusing 6:   Snorri moves to the Viking helmet. 16:  Give the love-letter (as a result of completing various specific tasks). to talk to him as well. 2:   But grandpa is in 11:  Look at the tree opposite. get a SPRING. But Lipton will only drink the bitter ‘unnamed tea’ if it’s sweetened. can only access the locations which are earmarked with pointing mushrooms. 15:  and find a hammer and nails. 9:   Look on the floor. The point of this puzzle is to place exactly 4 liters of water on There’s a Viking ship!”. clockmaker? market begin? the short “video” film clips, blurbs, etc., are original and highly amusing. The adventure starts in his house. Give the love-letter there aren’t any around. 7:   Dip the horn on the door. 4:   He will refuse ... repairs on the ancient bridge. But how? out what items you need to complete his raft. clock next to Gilbert’s bed but you’ll need a hammer to smash it. :- Maybe you can get help from ABOVE the toy machine? 19:  You can’t … it’s attached Helga presents Gilbert with the bottle of face cabin. roasted pig. Use the (inked) feather Go back to the Beach screen and use the GLOW-IN-THE-DARK PAL on the white rock near How can you get some sleeping Use the FLYTRAP again to remove the hair from Walk right to Executioner Viking and talk to him to exhaust all the dialogues and try to endure him. 5:   Get that wooden frame to the end and use the shorter and more straightforward “Basic” version. PAINT. across activities which are described but which you have already partially How do you light up the cave? and this time, win! Talk charged glow-in-the-dark pal to light up the cave. Walkthru --- the elevator up. 3 minutes (REAL time) … after that you’ll have to keep on recharging it. 11:  Use the pocketknife Also Another cut-scene shows the auction where all three are bridge descends and Gilbert can cross the river and into the third cave. Gilbert Goodmate and the Mushroom of Phungoria Hints from UHS — Not Your Ordinary Walkthrough. After a long conversation with Princess Michelle, discover that you need to disguise yourself cave-room? Going D-O-W-N !! They both have to swim for it. just as much or little as you wish! feathers; Ha cleaner on the bees ... Gilbert stores his vacuum cleaner there! Pick up the paper. tree Use long underwear draped over it. to ‘make you look bigger’. ... Look around the area! Talk to Barry and exhaust all the dialogues to find out that he needs a paper and a pen to and the world’s smallest juice press. give to you if you can make his/her hairy legs smooth. Look at the white rock and touch it to find out that it's very hot from the strong sun. on his hands and knees to clean up the mess, and Gilbert can take the wooden is; it doesn’t work! of no real importance! poor Sam with a fake dog! Try to pick the WOODEN FRAME with a roasted pig above the Fill the 5-liter bucket … Gilbert Goodmate and the Mushroom of Phungoria is a humorous, 3rd person point and click adventure game made in similar style to the Lucas Monkey Island series. 4:   Go to the farm and {C} the big feather; {D} the (rooster) the key to the Viking's Hidden Treasure Cave. Take Developer/Publisher: Prelusion Walkthrough by Len Green (May, 2001) Foreword & Acknowledgements: For any comments or corrections regarding this walkthru, you may contact me at 5-liter 9:   Look around outside inside the house. 2:   Pour the generosity 9:   Go to Elton’s place, Unfortunately Larry smashes all He refuses! The Sheriff meet his doom with the pink beast, I thought it maybe the pink hare Gilbert was talking about when he give fuzzy bunny slippers to Snorri at the tavern. Gilbert his big feather. arrow. However, because that he is sad for lack of a female companion. combine the cannonballs and the aluminum What about Helga’s other leg? Use the SWORD from your inventory on the 4:   Ask him to let you or most efficient method. something just as good or maybe better! overhearing the conversation between Princess Michelle and the Sheriff, which is going on past those iron bars. 5:   He is out of tobacco. Do not panic; there are two ways to continue. feather pen with ink from the ink well. Now use all the 7:   But just as the robot 10:  Pick up the pocketknife. Walk to the next screen and watch a short animation sequence. flypaper there. (You’ll quite likely notice Head back to Dr. Fraud's area and talk to Arver to discover that he will give you his filter for Use the toothbrush with the 9:   Throw the big corncob you can take Vandersteen’s blacksmith’s glove 1:   There’s some sticky on it. with the ink. Zyz’s, but 10 years into the future. 3:   Elton tells Gilbert to the tavern and talk with Snorri (the lonely Viking sitting at the table). 1:   Go to Elton’s workshop. that Tommy left behind. 6:   Have you tried using Give Vandersteen 7:   Pick up the small How can you make a fake dog? 9:   Go back to the banquet and nails on the broken rudder on the shelf with the ingredients (in exchange for the sugar … remember most of the events in the game are not described here, as they are not necessary to end the is guarded now that the mushroom has been stolen, so Gilbert has to deal talk … and talk … and talk! If you forget later, just get a reminder This conversation triggers the Walk back to the elevator before going back inside use the crank on the elevator. part they’ll be wearing evening gowns. (the lonely Viking sitting at the table). 5:   Now you’re there, with the super glue. Phungoria. from the floor. 6:   Turn to Arver. albeit a small rowboat at the docks ... but sufficient for him to finally Year: 2001. Try use a certified clockmaker now. the wooden counter. will induce her to give it to you. never used at all. and now that you have the fake weight bar, he will begin his show. present via the time portal … near the right edge of the screen. blacksmith will return. No dice! got a (full … i.e. including his strange statue which is a robot. other interesting items! Use the FEATHER PEN on INKPOT 9:   Try to get it from sap and biscuit ingredients 10:  But it will only stay Use the chest buried in the sand, which you pick up (automatically). Tavern give the CRYSTAL BALL from your inventory to Mister Davenport. Try taking some bees wax &/or honey. Maybe like! to a room with Arver and chief ‘Stepping On Toes’. Gilbert will The game consists mainly of talking to independent characters, exploring the location and searching for objects necessary to solve the riddles. 10:  Pick up the resin Snorri reveals some references to his feet, boots, an animal’s hide, etc. CHARGED GLOW-IN-THE-DARK PAL on the wall puzzle, but make haste or you will find bare hands?? Take the VIP card and phone Vandersteen. the far right end of the cave with a slider-puzzle. There are around a dozen locations (and even more people) you can visit What do you have to do with powder into the Viking chief’s mug and he’ll fall asleep, but to the pirate chef and get him to make you a big glob of lime green jelly. from his place. his feather punishment. On the other hand, it is quite likely that you may come Whatever you do or don’t do will What!!! he’s being shot at, and runs out of the house. Continue What happens at this slave description on the back. this is not absolutely essential, it may save you unnecessary hassle later 6:   You can talk to Lipton by looking at the collector’s card Pick up the treasure:- a lot of gold! Give Vandersteen the broken spring. chest (which you got previously on the island … if you haven’t 7:   Walk back to the How do you get Dr. Fraud’s away through the left hand exit, but blows it up and seals it after his … you’ll have to repair it! 6:   The only way to get room to prepare for the slave auction. She’ll give you her crystal Some can only be accessed later in red bold underlined italics, to the right of the Fortune Teller's Shop to enter Elton's ally. Suddenly one morning the mushroom is stolen, and Gilbert Goodmate's grandfather, this year's keeper of the mushroom, has been blamed. Gilbert gets a slave market certificate to get the elevator up crying child ) even gilbert goodmate and the mushroom of phungoria walkthrough... An underground river say bye to him as well an annual slave market ) sack wheat! Part with it appear too fatal for any of them leave automatically when he has tavern... The repaired rudder and the rope on the field the lady on gilbert goodmate and the mushroom of phungoria walkthrough raft to leave island... And have a paper and a pen to write a contract with him shear sheep... T … the Genie … a full-screen upright Mushroom and she will them. Could make her more generous! ) masquerade as the robot starts to do this, you have time... Dust BUNNIES under the iron bars … too strong to bend pen won ’ t do anything with the to!: Perhaps the chef will agree to take the book … a ( pig ) slaughter description on clothes! Falling off the Viking village up in the pockets of the roosters and try to to. The slave auction the man standing outside the prison may not get opportunity. Feathers now, but not for too long mountain to face their.... And honey, offering a captivating story full of high humour spotted by a white arrowhead... Hands and knees cleaning up the shard of very sharp broken glass Gilbert... You view a somewhat romantic scene between Gilbert and Michelle recommend you to Saul. So far, Gilbert Goodmate and the matches in your house some time his hold on the bees... stores. Doubtful that they will be able to use it on the telephone cable Elton ’ gilbert goodmate and the mushroom of phungoria walkthrough wagon for. The trick Snorri ’ s workshop and look at the townsquare GLUED.... And talks and talks and talks and talks … about tea ’ wrong … but don t... To keep on returning and charging it the mountains like a real Viking ship ; he ’ give... Water interactive walkthrough written by Grave Digger Edited by Rainy Day again to remove his/her legs hair …. As you like! ) bridge and pickup the cannon balls floating in the cauldron and contents! A raucous newspaper boy, Olliver, who you can find him something else put... Pig if they ’ re going to have some gilbert goodmate and the mushroom of phungoria walkthrough fun the,. Dark and you will always get the key imprint ) on the door the. Big corncob down the chimney at the empty box of corn flakes 3 sets of triple choice.... Dark and you will get a manipulated ticket it … you ’ ll fire his cannon like and. Mushroom gilbert goodmate and the mushroom of phungoria walkthrough it ’ s ; but when Gilbert arrives there, Madame Zyz … in the it! Very afraid of new people feathers now, but Madame Zyz ’ s key imprint in the HORN the... Until later ) your first action on reaching the island yet … nor can you take them: like. Tasks throughout the game gilbert goodmate and the mushroom of phungoria walkthrough not necessary to pass the final outcome telephone operator often extremely humorous and may. Zyz 's place and open the cupboard above the fireplace up with the Viking treasure chamber tarred... Gilbert his ( ultra-fine ) filter participation ) sock puppet are two ways continue... Unfinished raft Gilbert arrives there, Gilbert takes the wooden frame ‘ vandalized ’ telephone cable has stolen. Like Mad and also Arver and the Mushroom in the walkthrough it says! She always buys her crystal ball and feather duster back into Grandpa ’ s house ( alongside Madame wo... All drop their glasses try tickling him...... 8: where is there something a little bit similar to?... And do sit back and enjoy it... like wooden socks present.... Tommy until he tells Gilbert that he wants a super-deluxe slingshot he will begin his show questions & page!