With the Fiesta ST180 tuning being taken to new power levels, there is a real need for upgrading the oil cooler from standard! The ECU flash increases horsepower and torque by a substantial amount while also significantly improving drivability and eliminating the excessive rev hang. However, when viewed on the power graph, the Stage 2 demonstrated its bigger capacity over the Stage 1 and continued to make power while the Stage 1 became restricted. The replacement intercooler fits with very little modification, with only slight trimming to the inside of the bottom grille required in some applications where the original bumper may have sagged over time. The Fiesta ST intercooler is the last stop for cool, compressed air before it reaches the intake manifold. One of those is the factory intercooler, which is smaller than ideal and can bottleneck your performance. Full height core design gives the look and the performance on a smaller budget with good efficiency up to the 300bhp mark, ideal for those with hybrid turbos to keep those inlet temps down. • With a light tube-and-fin construction Disconnect foglight wiring harness. • Very helpful parts arrived very quick would recommend, Fiesta MK7 1.6 Diesel & 1.0 EcoBoost – 100ps, 125ps & 140ps, Sierra, Sapphire 2WD/4WD & Escort Cosworths, Vauxhall Corsa C, B, D & VXR/1.4 turbo – Corsa E VXR/1.4 turbo – Adam S 1.4 turbo, AIRTEC Motorsport Stage 2 Intercooler for Fiesta Mk7 ST180. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. The 2014–2019 Ford Fiesta ST is a car that was born to have fun and push the limits of what a 4-cylinder hot-hatch can achieve. The Fiesta ST intercooler reduces air charge temperature. It'll help boost performance and increase air flow Covid-19 update – Click here for latest update. Jack up the front end of your Fiesta ST – Always use jacks to support car, as well as lift jack. Replacement air filter for the Fiesta MK7 and Mk8 models. Simple, direct, easy fitting, backed up with full support and 3 years unlimited mileage warranty. The mountune intercooler upgrade was engineered to retain the original Ford cooling pack or air ducting system. Bumper Removal + Intercooler Install on my 2014 Ford Fiesta STFilmed with Canon G7X Mark II As modifying the Mk7 Fiesta ST continues to be popular, we’ve introduced a new Stage 2 intercooler kit to slot neatly into our product range between our entry-level Stage 1 and track ready Stage 3 intercooler. This product is hand crafted in the USA, using top quality 6061 aluminum. Coming in at $400, the VR Tuned ECU flash for the Fiesta ST is not only cheaper than the Cobb Accessport, but the tune file is also excellent. The COBB Fiesta ST Intercooler is one of the best mods you can do to the Ford Fiesta ST. A cold charge of air is much more effective at making power. This revealed that the Stage 1 and Stage 2 intercoolers initially show a similar and steady 20 degree increase in intake temperatures during an extended, loaded run, whilst the Stage 3 offers a lesser increase. Other intercoolers on the market with similar volume require you to cut your bumper and lower splash tray during installation and to us, that is unacceptable. This front mount intercooler and hard pipe kit includes all you need to install it. Fiesta ST MK7 ‘PRO’ Spec (Curved) Intercooler – Test Date 18.12.18 Vehicle Details APT Fiesta ST - Stage 4 Revo / RT330 Turbo / Measured Peak Power = 330 BHP Result Summary Peak Intercooler Inlet Temp c = 182.47 c Installed my Depo intercooler today, enjoy my boring video :) The kit therefore offers a great compromise in the ability to produce a significant cooling improvement over a Stage 1 intercooler, without having to bite the bullet for an all-out Stage 3 track intercooler package. This intercooler is the ideal upgrade from standard up to 350bhp, ensuring fast response and increased power and torque from your Ecoboost ST180 / ST200 Fiesta. The cooler and denser the air is when it reaches the engine, the greater the release of power will be. Simple, direct, easy fitting, backed up with full support and 3 years unlimited mileage warranty. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. The standard Fiesta 1.6 Turbo intercooler, as we have proved in testing, tends to have a weak spot above 225-230 bhp on the car when wanting to push power hard from the very small turbo. New Fiesta ST 180 EcoBoost Intercooler by Pro Alloy! Fiesta Mk7 1.6 ST180 Stage 2 & Stage 3 induction kit To read a more in depth investigation into this intercoolers performance on our track time Fiesta. As standard the stock ST180 Intercooler is acceptable, but once you start to really push for power and work the engine hard or run … Remove [2X] Phillips […] The COBB Fiesta ST Intercooler Upgrade is a direct replacement of the factory piece and is the easiest modification to make for a drastic increase in cooling and power. Please enable Cookies and reload the page. The packaging for the OE intercooler and radiator on the Fiesta ST is very compact leaving little space to effectively and safely install an upgraded intercooler. It's full bumper height makes the most of the available space behind the Fiesta’s large open grills massively improving cooling performance. New Fiesta ST180 in our.