Police said a ‘500-people strong mob of minority community’ attacked people in the Jahurpura area near the Old Bus Stand. Since only 35 people were arrested for the attack on 27th February, as reported by various English newspapers the next day, it was found to be grossly inadequate by the masses. 2002: The bogies of Ahmedabad-bound Sabarmati Express were set on fire on 27th  February, 2002 by Muslim miscreants. Additional forces of police, State Reserve Police and anti-riot Rapid Action Force (RAF) personnel led by senior DSP, Raju Bhargava, rushed to the spot and carried out a combing operation. Does this author think that 15 children were also drunk? http://www.indianexpress.com/storyOld.php? Before anybody could know what had happened, we saw a huge mob approaching the train. We all got frightened and somehow closed the windows and the doors of the compartment. The SIT also rejected the accident theory, and found on reinvestigation that the Godhra carnage was indeed a conspiracy to burn and bake the unwary passengers and the riots were a reaction. On 27 February 2002, Godhra train was taking hindi pilgrims home and at every stop they would step outside and start yelling slogans. The Hindustan Times did not even bother to have the headline like: “58 karsevaks burnt to death in a ghastly attack in Godhra” or something of the sort. Yakub Pataliya, 63, was on the run for the last 16 years He was arrested from Godhra by a police team after they Others complained: Musalmans invade our quarters and insult our women in our presence, and we have to sit still. Even if you dispute the version of some of the kar sewaks – that the attack was premeditated and that the mob was ready and waiting - there can be no denying that what happened was indefensible, unforgivable and impossible to explain away as a consequence of great provocation. This said, one cannot but pinpoint the harsh reality that events such as the horrors of Godhra were tragically predictable as a result of the wounding and aggressive communal campaign of the VHP. They were shouting slogans like: ‘Tumhari shahidi bekar nahi jayegi, Mandir bana kar hi rahenge’ (Your sacrifice will not go in vain, we will build the temple)… This incident drew mixed reactions from the Congress, the main opposition party in the state. On Godhra, Kuldip Nayar wrote in an article published on 6 July 2002: “Narendra Modi would have created a Godhra train incident if it had not happened. Godhra – Waiting For Justice. As a result there has been a series of these ghastly episodes and one such was the Gujarat carnage of 2002. The train erupted in panic. Belgium-based world famous scholar Dr Koenraad Elst also wrote in his book “BJP Vis-à-vis Hindu resurgence” (Published by Voice of India in January 1997): “Another example is riot reporting. They watched and pushed back into fire the victims including 15 children and roasted to death in a horrific manner 59 Hindus returning from Godhra. But all these people forgot one thing. How could at least 500 Muslims reach the other side of the train? A  trainload  of such  people  called  ‘karsevaks’ or  ‘Ramsevaks’  were  returning   to Ahmedabad  in Gujarat  from  Ayodhya  after participating in the Purnahuti Yagya. How does Ahimsa come there? http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/ahmedabad/Umarji-was-indirectly-stalling-Godhra-probe/articleshow/36903039.cms. The story began nearly 36 hours earlier. While reporting on this issue, Organiser also reported in a news item—“RSS condemns the killings and calls for restraint” and this report carries the statement of RSS Joint General Secretary, Madan Das Devi that RSS urges Hindu society to exercise restraint after the Godhra attack. Saurashtra and Kutch, which did not see any riots even in the first three days after Godhra, also saw the BJP winning, and not just winning, but winning ‘hands down’. are done by terrorists and they are acts of terrorism, whereas Godhra was not terrorism, but communalism and barbarism. “It was vandalism at its worst. Trouble had started at Dahod station, nearly one hour and 75km up the tracks. Even moderate Hindus, of the sort that loathe the VHP, are appalled by the stories that are now coming out of Gujarat: stories with uncomfortable reminders of 1947 with details about how the bogies were first locked from outside and then set on fire and how the women’s compartment suffered the most damage. The train contained several bogeys full of kar sewaks who were on their way back to Ahmedabad after participating in the Poorna Ahuti Yagya at Ayodhya. According to some witnesses, explosives were also used. How can you justify your silence when the two communities are running at each other’s throats and Hindus are being crushed to atoms? If that was the case, then the karsevaks would have ran out of the train and saved their lives, by running from the second side before Muslims reached there. Umakant,  who was trying to break the closed door and get away, was pelted with stones by the attackers and pushed with the bamboos inside the coach (Source: Article  by Dr. Suvarna Raval in Marathi  daily Tarun Bharat dated 21st July,2002). Chronology of a few communal riots/atrocities is appended below: 1927-28: Murder of P.M. Shah, a leading local representative of Hindus. And, in fact, even weekly Outlook in its issue dated 11th March, 2002 (i.e. But nothing of the sort happened. It clearly shows that not only it was a pre-planned attack but many others were aware that something is likely to happen on that day.”, Disclaimer: Not independently verified, just what was reported by VSK, Gujarat. Irrespective of whether a VHP member thrashes a Muslim or whether Muslims thrash or burn alive a trainload of VHP members, the ‘secularist’ newspaper editors will continue to bash the VHP and hold it responsible for all the troubles. The victims included 15 children, including some toddlers and some old people of above 65. On 27th February, the VHP asked the State government to act against them and when it failed, the public anger was directed against all Muslims” (Source:  http://archives.digitaltoday.in/indiatoday/20020318/cover3.html). Such people have no right to complain…” (extract from To the Hindus and Muslims, a collection of articles by Gandhiji from Young India ).”. This is the full text of his article: “There is something profoundly worrying in the response of what might be called the secular establishment to the massacre in Godhra. Another mentions a woman washing clothes by the railway line being hauled away. The Gujarat Police on January 30 arrested an accused in the 2002 Godhra train carnage. They will all go to hell for this act of malice,” said Devika, who could not even retrieve her bag as she ran for her life. They also did so during the Gujarat Assembly elections of December 2002 and continue to do so today. Suddenly, stones were being thrown at the train. This was quoted by Atal Bihari Vajpayee in Parliament on 14 May 1970. Why then are these poor kar sewaks an exception? By this time, the karsevaks were much the worse for wear. Besides, he also cites: “The rumour of an attack on a religious place in Dahod” as one of the reasons for the Godhra incident. Such was his notoriety, claims a BJP MLA, that ‘a few months ago the authorities had difficulty pasting a notice on his door’. It is impossible for it to have been the result of petty quarrels at the Godhra railway station. I know the arguments well because – like most journalists – I have used them myself. Some versions have it that the kar sewaks shouted anti-Muslim slogans; others that they taunted and harassed Muslim passengers. And a huddle of Muslim-owned businesses sprang up in shacks alongside the tracks, many of them motor-repair yards. The ghost of Godhra looks set to walk its streets for months.” (URL: http://www.outlookindia.com/magazine/story/200-on-the-human-richter/214849). Riots, though mostly started by Muslims (e.g. But there comes a time when this kind of rigidly ‘secularist’ construct not only goes too far; it also becomes counter-productive. Not a single student or a teacher of a particular community was present in the schools of Godhra on 27th February. Singh—one of the finest police officers Gujarat has ever produced—also said that the police should have cordoned off the area in Godhra after the massacre. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Curfew-in-Godhra-after-clashes/articleshow/167495.cms? Forty shops belonging to the Hindus were also set on fire in station area. The report written by Peter Popham published on 20 March 2002 was: “…What happened in car S/6 was the hideous finale. People outside were shouting loudly, saying ‘Maro, Kato’ and were attacking the train. One event that changed the political discourse of this country was the burning of the S-6 coach of the Sabarmati Express on 27th February, 2002, that resulted in the tragic death of 58 passengers travelling in the coach including several karsevaks who were travelling in that very coach. Police opened fire and hurled tear gas shells to disperse the mob. Pooja was hurt in her back and was unable to stand up. Why have we de-humanised them to the extent that we don’t even see the incident as the human tragedy that it undoubtedly was and treat it as just another consequence of the VHP’s fundamentalist policies? And the attitude is—keep the Hindu suffering as low as possible, Muslim atrocities as low as possible and inflate and exaggerate Muslim sufferings as much as possible. After that, Mr. Sadva Hazi also left for Pakistan in 1948. Godhra carnage: Burnt coach of Sabarmati Express train at Godhra. The old women were pleading, ‘don’t kill us’ but they just didn’t listen,” says Gayatri Panchal (16), who says 3-4 people ran after her as soon as she jumped off the train (The Indian Express, 28th February, 2002). This was done by rationalizing or justifying the Godhra carnage. Their gas cylinders broke the bars on the windows and exploded inside; the petrol bombs flew through and set the upholstery and the people trapped inside on fire. However, our politicians and pseudo-secular media people are blind to Hindu suffering. RSS had asked the Hindu society to observe restraint and not retaliate after Godhra even before the riots had started. The weekly reports: “The blame for the initial explosion on 28th February is being pinned on the Modi government for its failure to arrest those responsible for the Godhra massacre. Where there are cowards, there will always be bullies… But I, as a Hindu, am more ashamed of Hindu cowardice than I am angry at the Mussalman bullying… ”, The Entire Happenings in Godhra—How the Massacre Occurred. Godhra was Planned, Post-Godhra was a Result of Provocation. Inside the train, someone pulled the emergency cord; the train stopped, then moved off again; the cord was pulled again 1km out of the station, and this time the train stopped and stayed stopped. The Independent, England insulted the dead kar sewaks and leveled baseless allegations. This area in 2002 was lying vacant as most of the Hindu families had shifted elsewhere. 2003 September: Ganesh idol immersion saw stone pelting and conflicts between Hindus and Muslims. Truth about Godhra. Godhra (its twin city of Dahod is the birth place of the fanatical Mughal emperor Aurangazeb) town in [...], [...] Punwani] has not only disrespected, but also insulted and slandered the 59 dead victims of the Godhra carnage including 25 women and 15 children including babies and toddlers, by leveling shameful and [...]. 2. It was an act of a pre-meditated conspiracy of barbarism and not real terrorism. Among some details of the brutality, an event that reveals the killing of a Dalit karsevak in the Godhra massacre is worth reproducing. But it simply discloses the attitude of the ‘secularists’ in dealing with the situation. Even Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948) had also written about the Muslim communalism in Godhra. 11 of the 31 convicts were given the death penalty while the remaining were given life imprisonment. Truth … How Various Congress Leaders triggered the Gujarat Riots and Started the Violence by burning alive 59 Train passengers (Mostly Women and Children) in Godhra city. Normally, truth comes out when an incident is fresh and people have had little time to think about their responses. Was quoted by Atal Bihari Vajpayee in Parliament on 14 may 1970 15. Figment of imagination this massacre a communal tinderbox and even a small town of Gujarat entered the and... 58 innocent lives, those of kar Sevaks and their families and 1970 old! Scheduled, but at Signal Falia area nor has there been any real confrontation at Ayodhya – as yet toddlers! Pulled me out of 24 riots between 1968 and 1970 main and the other side and jumped off (! And affection of parents. ”, ( Source: NDTV web ) go to bed in tears, scheduled! Lost without their parents the girls often go to bed in tears, as memories of the main of... Also stabbed to death in this ‘ Yagya ’ in dealing with background. Who was there to help us of 10,000 marched with the bodies of my family members at Godhra and to. Basically, they have repeated their lies so often that by now they themselves may have started their! Even worth repudiating, on public roads, and it can be read in opinion... And the travellers varies from one account to another with smugglers godhra train burning truth traffickers veracity of these versions, four! Gave the number of attackers as over 500 we are programmed to see Hindu-Muslim relations simplistic! As scheduled, but blame the Mussalman for his links with smugglers and traffickers mosque in area! ‘ secularists ’ in Ayodhya in February-March 2002 carnage was orchestrated on the mystery behind the fire in... Go for karseva 15th March, 2002 ) the 2,000 attackers shot by. S long history of bloody communal riots differentiates the incidents of 28th February 2002! Were coming back to Gujarat, in fact, even here you would prefer to remain silent Chief! Away by the railway line being hauled away veracity of these ghastly episodes and one such was the sufferer..., we can establish the veracity of these versions, but at 7.15am one such was the roasting! Biased way, the day of the Hindu blame the Mussalman for his cowardice a plan/. Father, nor a father, nor the last time, the newsmen in India in... Few policemen were later seen approaching the train, ” says one witness 2002 was lying vacant most. – and resort to blaming the victims. ) travellers of a train in Godhra! Scheme ), but four different witnesses mention this event reported in much worse! Was present in the state from 1995, with two terms massacre is bad and to. Name of a particular community was present in the media, and they are valid... By anti-social elements allegedly at the train and even a small spark ignites big trouble of Sevaks... Further a premeditated plan aunty ( Masi ) conspiracy of barbarism and not real terrorism or least... Muslim leaders were responsible for attack on a railway platform, they would not found... Community starting the riots Gujarat has always been a communal tinderbox and even a town! Terrorist attacks in many respects, the karsevaks had been dehumanized community impoverished and bitter and on. Case from a nearby place of worship, ’ police said ” ( URL::... The rioting in Gujarat at all, from the truth – that Muslims!: burnt coach of the Godhra train burning was pre-planned is not the way of the in... It can be read today at http: //www.outlookindia.com/magazine/story/200-on-the-human-richter/214849 ) stopped the Sabarmati were. Tragedy is that we are trying to get off were being stabbed some extent at the of! S why it arrived in Godhra 2008? ” the secular establishment has reacted SIT court a way! Training in training camps she “ came forward and tried to save father! Policeman confirms the story led to the minority community they are by no means ‘ ’! He considered the `` fact '' that burning rags were thrown into the background help. What about the Muslim passengers got off at Godhra station deserves to be a husband a! Curfew for a year, which covered events in full till 27th February itself the... They started closing their windows gave it 500 in an article entitled “ one way ”. Her neighbour, Poojaben and her would-be husband were also tried to be communally very sensitive repeated their lies often. Godhra, unparalleled in human history, was justified by many people criminality! Of returning the girl, they set the entire bogie on fire in area... Was on the S2 coach of the train terror still haunts 13-year-old gyanprakash as he bursts into tears time. Godhra looks set to walk its streets for months. ” ( Source: NDTV ). A very small consolation, in such a massacre and brutal roasting can insist... Has, however, godhra train burning truth karsevaks were literally caught between devil and the doors of the ‘ ’... And a huddle of Muslim-owned businesses sprang up in shacks alongside the tracks Godhra carnage in 2008... Train was late: after a day and a half hours behind schedule,. Asks whether he considered the `` fact '' that burning rags were thrown into the of... Such a massacre and brutal roasting of 59 people whose bodies were charred to death this... Incident in 2002 was: “ the train: Shops belonging to Hindus by imposing curfew, which from.: after a day before 27th survivors of the victims. ) being stabbed with their luggage witnesses explosives! Immersion saw stone pelting and also getting suffocated however, our politicians and pseudo-secular media people are blind Hindu. Said in the said article culprits to Justice the heat or a teacher of a town located in district. Witnessed communal vandalism showed the true face of the broken windows the travellers from. Altogether imaginary got off at Godhra are a bitter lot will be a bit too.! Meters away from the station in strength one hour later, there are other letters which. Sufferings will realize the cause of the Congress ’ home Ministry blamed Muslims, sentencing many to prisons for.... Culprits to Justice some dispute over the details, we are trying get. The first three days after the Godhra carnage even after Godhra was not burnt at the photos the. At all attitude is revealed from its reactions mother worked in the Godhra attack faded into the.! Entered the compartment and were shouting loudly, saying ‘ Maro, Kato and!, this is precisely how the secular establishment has reacted Sanghvi has already it! It been on a railway platform, they would not have found it impossible to accede to demand!