Removing (or initially installing) the lock cylinder can be a head-scratcher if you don't know what you're doing, but a few simple instructions (and the included “master key… Try contacting Thule - they generally have keys N001 - N200 so I suspect that's who makes your bars. securing roof racks I have always worried but reduced my worry by replacing the standard Thule knobs/nuts with stainless steel fiber lock nuts. The only problem is that they are fricken expensive. Important - To install or remove Thule lock cylinders, you will need a change key. Note: Enter the exact code found on your lock cylinder, otherwise your lock might not be found. He's published in "Outside" and "Backpacker" and has written a book on life in small-town Alaska, "North by Southeast." You can buy a set of two thule lock cores which will come with a blank key. Thanks So you won't need key "blanks" until you have a master from somewhere. Thule's lock cylinders lock and unlock with the same key to eliminate the hassle of multiple keys. But, if you know a good shop that has a ton of thule parts, they may have a bag of keys which have numbers on them. I worked on racks for 6 years, and I have the 300's on my car. They are sold as a set with the matched key printed with the “N###” code. Thule replacement keys and locks. Professionell hårvård för dam, herr, ungdom och barn... how to unlock thule roof rack without key. The key number will be on the … Anyone any idea of how i can get the lock out without damaging the rack,not bothered about scrapping the lock though. Install the new lock as per the Thule installation kit instructions. Remove the plastic lock cap and expose the metal key hole and lock barrel. Set the box on a flat working surface. Open the box. Don't know anything about the imobiliser. For one reason or another, losing the key to your roof rack is a common problem for our customers. I spoke with my contact at Thule, and she did have a few suggestions for you to try. As we all know, either losing a key or breaking a key in a lock, can be extremely frustrating and stressful. How do I Replace the Key for my Yakima or Thule Rack? I didn't see them on the website, did you just call and ask? Demonstration of unlocking a Thule cylinder lock with the change key which is universal.I tried this on the hitch lock, but that one is fine. Posted in OkategoriseradeOkategoriserade These attach to Thule roof racks on vehicles and are watertight. Position the drill bit into the dead-center of the metal barrel. A former Alaskan of 20 years, Eric Cedric now resides in California. Ill look at mine tonight and Give you the best solution. I am talking about the Toyota roof rack cross bar locks. thanks Jeff The instruction says insert the lock cylinder with the change key and then lock/unlock with the other key. What does the Thule Universal Key Do? PM ME!! Some Thule roof rack systems do not have locks or come with keys. Any ideas? Send us your lock code, which you will find etched on the face of the lock or on your existing key and we will send you a new Sears Key. It's not in my 1996 model. Maybe take the drill to them? The Change Key is used to install/remove lock cores only when they are in the unlocked position. Unlock the outer housing or lockable knob at the base of the feet using the Thule key that came with the set. Written by: Date of published: 30 december, 2020. ... the key is $5 for thule or yakima trust me Thule and Yakima both use ‘lock cores’ for all of their racks. Remove the plastic plugs covering the locks with a flat-head screwdriver. Yes No there are simple ways around it without completely destroying it. Change/Control key NOT included. check out the. **Please note: 8/13/2013 Thule has begun shipping keys without the "N" printed in front of the 3-digit number. They are difficult to remove and I think the grab and run is eliminated by having to use a wrench and spend time. Luckily, getting a new key is a relatively easy process. "I go slow, cause;Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast." Thule has greatly improved the attachment system, but they've recently made the lock system even more retarded. The key "blank" is the key that is not yet cut out for a specific code #. Specific lock/key numbers cannot be requested when purchasing in bulk. Remove the plastic lock cap and expose the metal key hole and lock barrel. If you have lost the change key, enter D1251 in … Maybe a cost of $5. SKS keys If locked, a locksmith can pick the lock. We offer friendly expert fitting and fast free Australia wide delivery on orders over $99, excluding Roof Boxes. Same dumb thin bar setup, but now they've put nice big plastic covers over the keys. Anyone have any experience? Choose from the dropdown menu above Change Key Available - Will not unlock a locked core! I have the lock removal key and it works on my bike racks. Set the box on a flat working surface. Bought a Thule bike rack which has an integrated lock. Shop for Thule Car Rack Locks at REI - FREE SHIPPING With $50 minimum purchase.

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