In 1985, King was sold to its current owners, UMI, who appear to be positioning the King marque as their jazz line (with Conn as their "symphonic" line). $21.63 shipping. Sadly, the previously high standard of quality control declined in the 1990s - there have been complaints of instances of shoddy workmanship. Tenor bell sizes 6, 7, 7 1/2 or 8 inches and four bore sizes. In 1953, Olds moved from Los Angeles to Fullerton. $320.00. Established circa 1915 in Los Angeles 1915, initial Olds trombone models all had in-slide tuning. Finish III "Silver Gold Trimmed": Silver-plated. Old HN White line, Model No. Baritones Cornets Euphoniums Tenor Horns Trombones Trumpets Tubas Accessories. Superceded by B&H Sovereign range during early 1970s. Nickel-silver thin-gauge bell. With cutting edge design and manufacture, Besson became the leading brand of euphoniums, cornets, tenor horns, baritones and tubas. Some also contract-manufactured by Kanstul, USA. or Best Offer. New! Student-quality bass trombone with flat-wrap F attachment. Fourth Character (number) indicates group as follows: 1 - Cornet 2 - Trumpet 3 - Alto 4 - French Horn 5 - Mellophonium 6 - Valve Trombone 7 - Slide Trombone 8 - Baritone - Euphonium 9 - Tuba 10 - Sousapone The remaining four numbers constitute the serial number on a monthly basis. Desideratum - Besson's second most expensive model. Tuning in slide. The only Martin model currently in production is the fabulous Urbie Green tenor trombone. This company was formed from the merger of Boosey & Co. with Hawkes & Son in the 1930s. It has some light signs of use but overall looks smart and displays well. { After WWII, the B&H group acquired the British arm of Besson, a company founded by the Frenchman Gustave Auguste Besson in the mid-19th century. In ascending order of prestige (generally-speaking), they were the: Ambassador, Special, Studio, Super, Recording, Opera, Custom. $349.00. End bow (crook) expanded to fit outer slide tubes - this eliminated need for connecting ferrules, reduced soldered joints from four to two and reduced weight at end of slide. Early exports did not impress, but eventually, the firm gained a reputation for sterling quality control and cheap student trombones that represented excellent value-for-money. The No. Besson Model 639 Tenor Trombone w/ Case and Mouthpiece - Serviced. Professional bass trombone designed by the legendary bass trombonist George Roberts. Gordon Cherry has very kindly given permission for his Conn trombone serial number list to be reproduced on this site. Besson Trombone Model 600 In Case w/ #7 Mouthpiece - Vintage Instrument. Bass. Bass version has F attachment. Minimum purchase amount of 0 is required. Finish V "Brass Highly Polished": Highly polished brass. Trombone designs were finalised in 1928, the same year Vincent moved factories to the Bronx, New York. Alto. Inside of bell, ferrules, engraving design, points, cork rings and water key are hand-burnished. Yellow brass bell. However, MacMillan failed to appreciate that instrument manufacture is a labour-intensive process requiring a skilled workforce not to be found in Abilene. Elkart instruments have also been very good until the late 1980s. Very easy playing pro player horn, lot's of stability and clarity, ideal for band/orchestra. Regardless of your trombone's manufacturer, the serial number should be located on the piece of metal where the slide attaches to the rest of the instrument (Reference 2). Historical notes: according to the, Small-bore, favoured for jazz, comparable to (but brighter than) King 3B. Both King and Conn instruments produced in the following decade are generally considered by enthusiasts to be ordinary in terms of quality and character. Red brass bell. Very highly-regarded - favoured by the legendary George Roberts. The HN White company continued to develop new trombone models and gained an outstanding reputation for quality and innovation. This instrument was in continuous production from the Elkhart era throughout all the changes Mount Vernon-era instruments are highly-prized by collectors, particularly those rare examples that are in good condition. £37.91 postage. Get the guaranteed best prices on Besson Euphoniums at Musician's Friend. Travel Guitars. Silver finish available. 1485 (Silver Tone version) has sterling silver bell. Vintage Besson Trumpet Case ... $32.00 shipping. Used, w/case. Previous Martin pro ranges included the Committee and Imperial. The quality of workmanship is evident in everything from its case latches to the endlessly smooth feel of the handslide. Intermediate models, equivalent to Besson Concorde but differing in trim and fittings. New! Very effective for coloratura work. B&H were apparently good at making F attachment linkages however - all the references I've seen consistently describe F attachment action as being favourable compared to that generally found on American instruments. Tuning in slide. Fender Pianos, Keyboards & Organs. Provided by John Noxon 04/11/2005. Dual bore nickel-silver inner slide. Make an Offer. Replaced by YSL-354G. Designed by Lewis van Haney. Models: circa 1958 Trumpets 35 10-10 Brass Bell .46 bore Bell 4.75 40 10-10 Gilding Metal Bell .46 bore Bell 4.75 125 F. Besson (Paris) Brevete - Mediun Large Bore Bell 4.815 130 F Besson (Paris) Meha - Large bore Bell 4.815 135 8-10 .46 bore Bell 4.875 Replaced by YSL-681G. $45.00 shipping. Besson Prototype EEb 4-Valve tuba– silver plate(used instrument) Product Description This is a used Besson‘Levlathan Model Class A. Pure bronze bell with tone ring (or possibly heavy red brass bell according to Eric Burger). Introduced 1976, discontinued 1998. Much-prized by admirers, considered too bright by detractors (hence used mainly in symphonic and jazz settings rather than in orchestras). Well suited for playing in the high register. Hawkes & Son was originally founded in the 1860s by William Hawkes as an importer of muscial instruments, later venturing into music publishing and instrument manufacture. Gordon Cherry has very kindly given permission for his Holton trombone serial number list to be reproduced on this site. Replaced Imperial series. In the 1970s, Yamaha began producing clones of popular Western professional models. Amongst his achievements were to bring the company back to Elkhart and the purchase of King Musical Instruments. Something went wrong. Dual bore, inner slide tubes fluted (although Steve Close, who has "a completely original Featherweight", says his instrument "uses standard inners with shorterned stockings"). if(hover) { nav2n=preload('trombone1.jpg'); nav2h=preload('trombone2.jpg'); } I hope to add to and continually update this list - please do let me know if you spot any errors or omissions. Replaced by YBL-613H. Please take a few moments to read my copyright notice and disclaimer if you haven't done so already. Charles Gerard Conn started manufacturing brass instruments in Elkhart, Indiana, during the 1870s, and his company proved to be a great success. On Conn�s retirement in 1915, the company was sold to Carl Diamond Greenleaf. Yellow brass bell, dependent valves. Mannufacturing moved to France (Courtois factory in Amboise) and Germany (B&S factory in Markneukirchen). $129.00. Said to have been designed by the legendary Edward Kleinhammer, based on his Bach 50B. The company was destroyed in a fire and shortly afterwards, he moved to Elkhart, Indiana, to work for Conn. Circa 1906, the Martin Band Instrument company was formed in Elkhart, Indiana, by his sons. // --> New Standard’ prototype EEbb Tuba(SN: 118892) It was built in London around 1925. Lightweight slide, bell may be nickel-plated. Please take a few moments to read my copyright notice and disclaimer if you haven't done so already. This model, designed principally for Eb alto trombone, can be used on Bb trombone or bass trumpet when a brilliant, brassy tone is desirable. Replaced by YBL-613H. Finish II "Silver Gold": Silver-plated, inside of bell gold-plated. Popular professional-quality instruments, with red brass or bronze bell. Historical notes: according to the. Professional bass trombone with flat-wrap F attachment. Dual bore, inner slide tubes fluted. or Best Offer. Besson International Model 3 Valve Euphonium Lacquered Finish Made In England. The process of burnishing, accomplished by rubbing metal with a burnishing stone, makes the metal smooth and shiny. of company ownership, only being discontinued recently (one or two years ago) to make way for UMI's new 52H (a .525/.547 "basic pro" horn with an F-attachment and 8-1/2 inch bell). C $196.87. Norlin concentrated on production of the Ambassador student model, but were eventually forced to concede the student trombone market to Yamaha, resulting in the liquidation of Olds circa 1977. Bore size smaller than would be considered "bass bore" today. Amongst the bass trombones, the Super and Custom were considered the superior lines, particularly the George Roberts model.